I know you have to use the large nail plates now that extend 2" below the top plates and 2" above the sole plate. They only have 5" x 8" plates around Here so you wind up 3 1/2 " above the sole plate. My question is I thought this was only for DVW pipes and you could still use the small 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 plates on the supply pipes . What I am reading in the IRC P2603.2.1 is that it seems it is for all piping. What an over kill , are they saying to put a 5 x8 plate where a 1/2 cpvc comes thru the sole plate. We used to put a piece of sch 40 steel pipe sleeve to run the supply thru, is that not allowed any more. How could you drive a nail in that. I know all this is for pipes less than 1 1/2 " from edge of framing.