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Thread: Faucet valve and WD40

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    Default Faucet valve and WD40

    I have hard water and hot water faucet valve was getting extremely hard to twist. Someone suggested spraying it with WD40. I did and it's now twisting smoothly and easily, but the faucet started to drip quite a bit. It's been a while now and it won't stop. (Originally I was hoping the WD40 would wash away and the drip would stop). What are my options at this stage? FYI : The faucet is a discontinued Kohler Cirrus model that I inherited from prior owners.

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    (assuming you do not have a ballvalve that is leaking) back off the shut off valve 1/4 turn. It may seal

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    Default faucet

    Just because a faucet line has been discontinued does not mean there are no parts for it. Get a new stem, actually get one for the cold water also, and replace them. The WD-40 has nothing to do with the leak, and I am surprised it even made the faucet work better.


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