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Thread: Is it possible to have both an oil and gas burner?

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    Default Is it possible to have both an oil and gas burner?

    I have oil in my house. I have noticed that the price of oil fluctuates alot and is quite a bit more expensive to heat with than natural gas, right now. Is it possible to get an gas burner installed but to be able to switch between the gas furnace or the oil furnace back and forth? I have hot water radiators and a few floors heated with radiant. I already have a gas line into my home. Is it price prohibitive to get this arrainged?

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    Years back there ws a switchable burner made but alas, no longer. the only thing you can do is go with either multiple units or change burners.

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    I have never heard of a oil/natural gas burner for residential before. The only ones that I am aware of , are used by the US Navy http://www.ablecompany.com/L2.html

    In my area, we used to have conversion burners to go from oil, convert to gas. I don't think they are available anymore (I could be wrong, not much call for conversion anymore, much more as total replacements)


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