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Thread: Bosch DLX Series

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    Default Bosch DLX Series

    We have rented a home that currently has a Bosch DLX Series dishwasher. I timed it the last few times I used and it is taking well over 1 1/2 hours to complete a regular wash cycle. Should this take place? If not, what could it possibly be? I do not want to call the landlord unless necessary. I have utilized a Sears Kenmore dishwasher before and it certainly did not take that long to wash the dishes. Thanks.

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    That could be entirely normal. Things that can extend the cleaning cycle are temperature boost (if the incoming water isn't hot enough), and the cycle chosen, and whether you choose a drying cycle. Many also have sensors that look at the water going through the pump to see how dirty it is, and extend the cycle if that looks dirty. A pots and pans cycle is often longer than a light, or china setting.

    If the dishes are clean when it's done, my guess is it is enitirely normal.
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    I have a relatively new Bosch DW, I don't recall the model, but it takes about 110 minutes to complete a cycle. I believe this is due to Bosch's heat drying feature. I am totally impressed with the cleaning quality and the quite operation. I think you're machine is operating normally.


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