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Thread: Re-route line to shower head?

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    Default Re-route line to shower head?

    Hello all,

    Thanks for all the great info on this site.

    I'm in the process of remodeling our bathroom which has an alcove tub/shower combination. The new tub is set and a new Delta, single handle, shower/tub faucet is roughed in. I will be tiling the surround and would like to place a recessed niche in the front wall, between the valve and the shower head. The valve is 32" above the tub floor, and the drop-ear for the shower head is at 78". Supply lines are 1/2 copper, as are the lines to the spout and shower head. We are on city water which is regulated down to 75 psi.

    Can I simply use 90 deg. elbows to "offset" the line to the shower head, by 18", in order to accommodate the niche? I would need to add four elbows. I'm wondering if there will be any substantial pressure loss or other issues. Also, I'm wondering if standing water in the horizontal runs would be a problem if the shower isn't used for long periods (algae, etc.).

    I considered using pex and curving it around the niche, but have not used it before and already have copper pipe and fittings on hand. If i did use Pex, I'm not sure about sizing the tubing. Delta literature says no Pex for tub spout drop, but nothing about the shower head.

    Thanks for your help.
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