2 questions
Even though I did this before, I can't remember what I did.

1st. Tub drain fitting removal. I have a cast fitting with a toe drain. The toe drain fits on a stem which has an integral cast bar across the bottom of the fitting. As a result, there are 2 180 slots in the bottom of the fitting, rather than 4 slots that a regular drain that a "dumb bell " tool would normally engage. I need something to engage those 2 slots to unscrew the drain fitting. Plier handles & an adjustable wrench are not geting the job done (too much flex).

2nd. If the overflow & drain are disconnected from the tub only, can I manuver the tub out? Meaning, do I have to also disconnect the overflow from the drain piping? Everything is brass nuts & cast brass pipes... no leverage to brake loose the nut. I don't care to cut an access hole at this time.

Thanks, FJK