I have read many of the posts on installation of tubs with a mortar bed and hate to start another, but would appreciate conformation on my understanding for my situation. Thanks in advance for your input.

Tub = Jason Air Tub

This is being installed in a wood frame with a tile surface and tile on the two walls it sits up against in a corner. Underneath the tub is gypcrete. The lip of the tub currently holds the tub 2 ½” off the floor. To properly support this I am planning on the following:

- Build a wood box to support a 2 ½” mortar bed under the tub
- Fill the bed with mortar and create piles on the top of it
- ??? lay plastic down between the tub and mortar bed, not between the mortar bed and gypcrete
- Set tub and “squish” it into the piles of mortar until the upper lip is level with my tile surface
- Let sit for a day before proceeding

After this has been completed I can install my fixtures, drain and finish the tile on the wall around the tub.

Thanks again for your comments,