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Thread: 10" Rough - In

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    Default 10" Rough - In

    I cannot find a quality 10" rough-in toilet anywhere from Home Depot to Lowes and will not settle for rough-in kits. I would prefer a Toto, however, they only have skirted toilets with 10" kits.

    Any assistance would be great at this point... all I need is a direct fit over the holes in the floor.

    TOTO now has a 10" dual flush at the factory.
    I'm bringing some here for the Seattle area.

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    search through this site George, there's LOADS of 10" rough-in posts...!

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    Default 10"

    Since every company makes at least one 10" toilet, but Lowes and HD only carry a couple of brands you may have to look elsewhere. But you will not find a "unique" 10" toilet because they only produce a limited number of styles and they will all be 2 piece units.

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    I personally like the skirted Totos...much easier to keep clean, not as many nooks and crannies for gunk to accumulate. But, other than that, you may need to check each manufacturer's site, as most stores will only carry a few, if any in stock. Makes it harder to get a good feel on the styling, though. Much better to touch and feel, so to speak.
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