I have a Grohmix valve that has really never worked well. After years of not being able to control the temp much and messing around with it, I decided it must be a Paraffin Cartridge issue. These are quite expensive, so I bought a whole new valve instead of paying more for all the parts I probably needed to swap out. Anyway I pulled it all out..except the part welded in. I put it all back with the new parts and I can not get cold water to go through the valve. I dismantled it all and can get cold to the stop valves, and to the pipe that holds the Paraffin Cartridge, but when I put the cartridge in, no cold water will pass.

Hot water comes through, but no cold. Of course this happens on a Friday night...although I suspect local plumbers wouldn't have a clue about this kind of thing anyway.

Common questions people seem to ask...yes the hot is on the correct side, water pressure is good on hot and cold.

Thanks for any ideas...I'm stumped and kind of tired of putting this together/pulling apart, although I seem to be getting pretty good at it.