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Thread: Why The Dirt Under Bathtub?

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    Default Why The Dirt Under Bathtub?

    I demolished a cast iron recessed tub in a house built in 1948. Not sure if the salmon colored tub was original (seems like a very '70's color). I found dirt packed between the joists.

    Why would someone pack dirt under the tub ? Is this what was done in "the past" in lieu of mortar ?

    May I remove the dirt without negative impact ?

    I'm replacing tub with another CI.
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    Default Dirt...

    never seen that one....I'd assume that they didn't want to mix up any mud?
    If it's on ground level.........is that in fact the ground?

    I'd take the dirt out and mix/foam up mud in place no worries...
    lucky that the wood/dirt combo hasn't been the source of rot.......


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