Can you install both column radiators and baseboard radiators on the same zone? I was advised that this is not a good practice as the baseboard radiator will get to hot if the boiler is set up to heat the column radiators?

Any ideas or thoughts on this? I am trying to save as much money as I can and the column radiators are not cheap. The rooms that I was going to install the 2 baseboard radiators I was planning on down the road covering them and making them heated window benches.

My thought now is to buck up and purchase two tiny column radiators for these two window benches.

What about the heavy baseboard radiators sold through Burham - I'm sure then can be on the same zone.

Sorry for all the questions on this subject. Most plumbers I have spoke with don't have much experience with these systems and are pushing forced air systems or in floor heating on me.

I love the look of the old column radiators, love the sounds (groining and moaning pipes) and believe from what I have read and heard that it is the most comfortable heat for elderly people. Since I plan on dying in this house that is key for my wife and I.

Thanks for all the help!