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Thread: well overflow

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    Question well overflow

    my well has a constant over flow that i am currently running down on to my beach. the constant flow makes a mess of the beach. if i plug the line the water will come out the top of the well. can i bury this line on the beach and if so how deep would it have to be? i never thought i would be complaining about too much water any suggestions

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    If you dig a hole on a beach, it will probably fill with water, plugging the line and the well will overflow the casing. Making a mess around the well and percolating back into the well taking any contaminates with it.

    So why not put some gravel, rip rap, or stone at the beach where the water from your line is digging a ditch or whatever the mess is? Or maybe perforated drain line? Anything to slow the flow of the water so it doesn't dig a ditch in the beach.
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    By a mess, I suspect you mean slime and discoloration? Yes, you can bury a line to the beach. It only needs to be buried deep enough to be hidden and not be broken when driving over it.

    In parts of Michigan a lot of wells flow. The wells have a 1-1/4" or 2" PVC pipe tapped into the side of the casing about 6" to 12" above the ground with an ell and PVC pipe to below the ground with another ell and a line running to a ditch. lake or river nearby with a filter or screen to prevent varments from getting in. This way the water from the outlet never gets high enough to backflow into the well.
    NOTE: There are also rubber flapper checks available to prevent backflowing. Apparently this is a requirement on flowing wells in Michigan.


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