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Thread: Need an answer soon

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    Default Need an answer soon

    I am cross posting this because no one seems to be looking at the other thread.

    Originally Posted by Terry
    I would use a mission coupling with a stainless cover over it, 2" plastic x 2" copper.

    I am new to this and sometimes a lot dense...

    3001-22 at Fernco looks like what you are talking about. This is a 2" cooper to 2" plastic Proflex coupling and looks like it has a stainless steel cover.

    HD has a Fernco 2" X 2" rubber coupling with stainless steel bands only.

    I have called 3 plumbling supply places around here and they either don't want to deal with an idiot like me or just handle contractors. And none had a Fernco or Mission coupling that was Cooper to Plastic. One said CI to PL, would that work?

    Otherwise, can you tell me where I can order one?

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    Do an online search for plumbing supplies/fernco. You'll find what you want. HD carries exactly the part you need - here in Colorado. You might check another box store or a HD down the road.
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    Default coupling

    The CI to plastic coupling would only work if you cut a coupling in half and solder one half onto the copper prior to installing the rubber coupling. Then the o.d.'s would be acceptable.

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    Thanks but I promised thezster that I would stay away from the flames and sweating and soldering...

    I will check online or at HD. Appreciate the response.

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    Yes, you need a 2" copper X 2" plastic sheilded coupling. The Proflex coupling (3001-22) made by Fernco would be correct. The inside diameter of the CI X Plastic coupling you asked if you could use would be FAR too big to connect to the copper as would the rubber fernco coupling with the bands you referred to. If there is a Ferguson or a Winnelson close by you, these are stock items they carry.....as I would assume would be the case and most plumbing supply houses.

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    No Ferguson or a Winnelson are in this area.

    I called 3 other plumbing supply places and no luck. I found a site on the internet that has them and if I don't find one locally (my HD and Lowe's don't have the 3001-22), I will just go on-line. BTW, guy at Lowes said the same thing about the OD, that appears to be the first right answer I got from a big box store in weeks...


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