Hi, and thanks for reading this.

I have a Takagi TK1S. It does not have a warranty and is discontinued, but it has been a pretty great device for quite a while.

I live in Vermont and the other night it got to about 15 below. You know the story - The Outside exhaust eliminator was leaning door open and the heat exchanger froze. (The warranty would have not been useful here anyway)

So I was blow drying the heat exchanger and as the line cleared it blew out one of those 1/2 inch 180 degree elbows on the side of the heat exchanger. I have since fixed this. Not great, but fixed.

Well now I don't see a spark when I initiate by turning the faucet on. The fan comes on, it sounds strong, but no spark in the little eye glass.

My father-in-law mentioned once he saw black smoke come out of the vent. And my wife mentioned on more than one occasion that the water would change in temp and drop a few degrees, then come again strong. I had never experienced this, that I had noticed. So that's a little background.

Thanks for any input.

TK-RE01 remote error code: 11

John (vermont)