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Thread: You have got to be kidding me :(

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    Default You have got to be kidding me :(

    Guys just noticed this on my new Bradford White Water Heater...

    look at the baffle collar...it looks like the flue pipe is not centered with the cover of the heater....when it ws fired up I noticed some condensation forming at the front of the collar...when I took a closer look I saw that the back half of the collar for the baffle was sitting down in the insulation! If you press down on the lid a bit it flexes at the front of the flue collar ring too

    Am I being over paranoid here? This to me does not look right nor do I think I should be getting condensation on the lid right where the gap is that you can see in the front. So heat is leaking out the front there, I can feel it..quite a bit

    Guys the last thing I want to do is be a pain in the ass, I just want something to go right on a water heater for once!

    It looks like this is a lemon with the flue not lining up with the top cover as shouldn't that flue collar sit flush all the way around?

    I also smell what smells like paint also but maybe just new smell cooking off....

    Should I contact the plumber about the flue collar being cockeyed? I cant adjust it, I tried...the flue collar is up against the front of flue and can't go back any further

    Damn it guys not trying to piss anyone off here but......you guys must either hate me or I amuse you..I am really not looking to cause issues

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