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Thread: Snojoke, or is that Snojokes, Snow Jokes or Snowjokes ski club?

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    Default Snojoke, or is that Snojokes, Snow Jokes or Snowjokes ski club?

    Photo from April of 2009,

    Last year I joined Snojoke, but too late to go up skiing with them.
    I did play softball with some of the guys from there.
    So this Winter, first time up, went to Crystal for some skiing.
    I have just a little time left before I go into surgery, and then I don't know how long the recovery will be.
    The snow was pretty good on the third of January, lift lines were light, and I got quite a few runs in quickly.
    Next time I should call some of the guys I played softball with first.
    This time, first time out, I just wanted to see if the skis remembered what they were supposed to do.
    So Jim, Jim, Glen and Craig, if you see this, give me a call and let me know what days you will be going up this January.

    I did take one run up High Cambell and did the traverse and then down.
    Snow was good there too, and as long as you were pointing them down, it was good. I'm liking the Heads in the soft stuff too.
    They carve well on the hard stuff too.
    Head Chip Super Shape

    Maybe next year I will be doing some of the ski trips they have.
    S'no Joke Ski Club Seattle
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