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Thread: Where to install pressure regulator?

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    Thumbs down Where to install pressure regulator?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question where to install pressure regulator before whole house
    water filter of after?

    About month ago I installed two stages whole house water filter.
    Unit came with two pressure gages one on filter inlet and second on outlet.
    I have noticed, city water pressure is 90+psi. This seems to be too high so,
    I decided to install pressure regulator. Initially I thought to install it right
    after meter/main and before whole house filter. However now I think, the
    best place for the pressure regulator will be after the filter. First of all, filter
    created me a pressure drop problem filter outlet pressure drops down to
    30-40psi (depend on water usage), but this is different story, I talked to
    filter supplier and he promised to send me different set of filters.
    My understanding is, with good filters differential pressure should be around
    10-15psi. Hopefully new set of filters will take care about this problem.
    So, putting pressure regulator after the filter should have a lot of benefits:
    filter will work better with higher input pressure;
    regulator will have filtered water and diaphragm should last much longer;
    house plumbing system will have more stable water pressure;

    Am I correct?

    Any ideas, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

    Thank you in advance,

    - Vitaliy

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    The higher pressure on the filter unit could cause it to fail, depending on its construction. There will be a very great pressure differential on the filter media as it accumulates "junk", and the greater incoming pressure could force water thru the media and cause channels. I would put the regulator before the filter.


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