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Thread: How Do I Remove Bathtub Slider Door "track" ??

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    Question How Do I Remove Bathtub Slider Door "track" ??

    I just removed the original 1989 aluminum framed glass bathtub slider doors and 3/4 of the bronze (not brass) anodized (talk about "retro") colored aluminum frame. Sure, six small 3/16" holes remain in the tiles where the plastic anchors were removed, but thankfully no cracked tiles. I'll fill these holes to match the tile (as I've done before) and you'll never notice them. The PROBLEM I am having is with the "bottom track" which is very, very securely fastened to the metal tub with some sort of "super adhesive". For being over 16 years old, the tub is in great shape, really great, and the tile and grout is near perfect. You would think that 16 year old adhesive would be "brittle" or would have lost most of it's flexibility and holding power, but NOT in this case. I was thinking of trying to get between the metal tub and aluminum rail with a "fine wire", very small diameter and tight, like a cheese cutter. Obviously, my main purpose is NOT to put even the smallest scratch, nick or gouge into the metal tub and remove this bottom frame piece. Then, hopefully after a sucessfull removal with no scratches, I just hope the 16 yr. old adhesive did not "discolor" or "stain" the tub.
    I imagine that most modern bathtub slider "bottom tracks" would be secured to the tub by double stick tape and then caulked to the tub, but I am afraid this "older" one was not.
    ANY suggestions how to "safely" remove this "bottom track" ?? Any "solvents" (acetone, etc.) that might "soften" this unknown adhesive??
    Please HELP !!
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