My friend has an oil burner in a hot water heat system. From time to time the system does not turn on when it should. It's been checked by the oil burner company. They find nothing.

Since it's a weekend home, she worries that the pipes will freeze. She's got a heat alarm that turns a red light on and her neighbor calls her if it goes on IF SHE NOTICES IT.

All that has to be done to get the heat going is to push the red button on the controller on the burner. She can ask the neighbor to do it, or call a local handyman to go over, if she's aware that the heat is off.

She'd like to set up an automated system that will notify her when the heat goes too low and then enable her to actuate the switch on the controller via the internet or phone.

I believe there are temperature sensors that can send alerts over the internet. What we need to find is a switch that can respond to a command over the internet or phone and activate the controller on the oil burner. Any suggestions?