Thanks for the great forum and advice. I'm looking to move some supply lines to transition from a single to a double vanity. The picture below is self-explanatory about what I'm thinking and I'd appreciate some experienced input to validate my plan. The drain used to be in the center of the existing supplies and I've already reconfigured it for the dual sinks with the added vent line. There is a 28" run from the left 1-1/2" drain to the center vent so I think I'm OK in that regard. I saw Terry's double vanity example picture with the black PVC drains and started down that route but I hit a snag when I realized that I didn't have quite enough space for everything to fit comfortably when overlapping the 1/2" supplies. There's only enough room for one supply in front and one supply behind the PVC. I then wanted to just move the tees below and create two new lines off of the 3/4" below, but the finished ceiling, the duct work, and the beam make that harder than I'd like. Does what I propose look unprofessional and if so, could you help me with something that works better?


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