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Thread: another Cast iron Connection Problem

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    Default another Cast iron Connection Problem

    I removed the plug from this cast iron Tee. What I found was no threads. Maybe there were threads at one time, but all that was in there now was what appeared to be lead. Is that possible? Have you ever heard of that?

    It turns out that this is a cast iron sanitary tee. I was going to install a 6" threaded nipple into it. Unfortunately due to the lack of threads that cant be done. I can cut the stack and put a new tee in there, or I could just slip a 4" to 2" rubber no hub type fitting over the whole damn thing and call it a day.

    I tried the 4" rubber fitting with a 3 foot PC of 2 inch PVC pipe complete with p trap and a piece of riser. Dry fitted. Ran 5 gallons of water down the riser and it worked perfectly. no leak at the rubber fitting.

    Just curious though. Why was there lead in there? Do you think someone thried to seal it up that way?
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