Here's the deal. I want to install a Toto Aquia. Toto says I can't do it because the water supply MUST be per their 8-10 inch recommendation.
My current measurements are: 6 inches from water supply valve to the center of closet flange;
5 inches (height) from floor to water supply (this may lessen with new pebble tile install);
12 inches from finished wall to center of flange (this is an estimation - won't know exact measurements until I take out existing toilet.)

From what I can see from this blog, I CAN install despite the TOTO recommendations.

But since I am clueless when it comes to things like this, I don't understand how this is possible. I can't find the actual dimension of the back skirt area of the Aquia or Nexus. Is this important?

Is there anyway I can install an Aquia or Nexus without having to move the water supply?
If so, HOW and which models will work and do I need to buy some special adapter on the water supply. Or should I just plan on moving water supply?
Thanks so much for your help.