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Thread: A-Frame heat improvements

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    Cool A-Frame heat improvements

    I have an A frame style house with 3 floors including finished basement where oil furnace and domestic hot water produced. 2 zones, 1 for 2nd floor with copper pipe, AL fin baseboard throughout floor where kit.,LR,DR,Bath and 2 bedrooms. 2nd zone is for 3rd floor with 2 bdrms, hallway and bath. Only 2 cast iron radiators on 3rd floor in each bedroom. I would like to take out one cast iron radiator and install in basement still on 2nd zone. The bedroom dim. 18x14x8 would need a baseboard radiator what size? Only glass is full slider.
    Where should cast iron radiator in basement be placed in loop, beginning or end?

    Located in CT

    Appreciate any ideas.

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    on the end and 2 6 ft go to slatfin.com to learn what you need to know

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