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Thread: Water Heater Burner Knocks out Pilot...

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    Default Water Heater Burner Knocks out Pilot...

    Hello All

    Well my gas water heater pilot light will not stay lit and I did a bit of investigating and I think I found the problem but I do not know how to fix it. Apparently when the burner comes on the pilot light goes out. After lighting the pilot I will slowly turn the temperature know up until the burner lights. Then when I turn the temperature know down the burner shuts off but the pilot is out. When lite the pilot flame is a good strong blue with some slight orange hitting the tip of the thermocouple.

    What can I do?

    Thanks again.

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    New thermocoupler.

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    Default New Thermocouple

    Thanks but I have already replaced the thermocouple.

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    Default adjust the pilot lite flame up higher, if possible

    some gas appliances have a small ajusting screw. look on the regulator out front. also tighten, if necessary the small pilot fitting going in to same control

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    Had a similar problem last year - it required replacing the thermocoupler - twice....... first one was defective...

    Though it sounds as if the burner lighting up is blowing out the pilot - and it's not re-lighting
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    Talking New gas teromstat

    the high limit switch is burnt out in the gas thremostat.

    they cannot be repaired ,
    and arent meant to be messed with
    so you need a whole new gas thermostat

    costs about 65 bucks...

    what brand of water heater is it???

    if you got a whirlpool, it might be trouble...

    a small tip

    remember to turn water off first before unscrewing valve..
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    Yes you are correct the burner lighting up is blowing out the pilot and it is not re-lighting.


    Why do you think the high limit switch is burnt out in the gas thremostat? I thought that a burn out high limit switch would keep the burner and pilot from even lighting up? BTW it unit is a very basic 40gallon shorty State Select water heater ~8-9 years old.

    Thanks you for the responses


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