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Thread: 2nd toilet recent install losing water in bowl

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    Default 2nd toilet recent install losing water in bowl

    In our new addition I installed the new toilet and it is loosing water in the bowl.

    No leaks but do notice water movement when the other toilet its flushed (same floor).

    Our other toilet is great...10 flush...will take a soccer ball with it.

    Our new toilet is a Glacier Bay Niagara flapperless, which I am disappointed in the fact that we need to flush twice for any solids to go.

    It takes about 5 hours before the water level gets to the point before you can HERE other rooms activities.

    Venting was done by my contractor and passed inspection. Could this be a mismatch in toilets?

    Anything else I should be checking?

    Only one vent stack leaving the roof but many branches tie to it.

    Glacier Bay Flapperless Toilet
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