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Thread: Wirsbo / Uponor Pex Air Expander Tool

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    Default Wirsbo / Uponor Pex Air Expander Tool

    Does anyone have experience and thoughts on the pros and cons for the air expander tool? This is driven by pneumatic pressure but I cannot find a vid to see how it operates. Anyway, there are a few of these on **** and they are bidding a lot less than for the manual expanders. I am wondering why this would be?

    Also, there appear to be different designs for them so if one is better than another or more importantly if one is known to be a lemon design please let me know.

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    I have the manual expander. I have the older model that comes in the green case. Functionally no different from model in blue case. Unless you are doing many dozens of fittings a day or working with 1" and 1-1/4" pipe, I don't see why anyone would want the air model. More things/pieces to lug around, lose, and break.


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