Hello, thank you in advance for your assistance with this...

I live in a 5600 square foot house that we built about 1.5 years ago. We are on a water well. We had a problem with the well and ended up getting a lot of sediment, rocks, sand, etc. brought in with the main water supply. The problem has been fixed and I have clean water coming into the house now. However, I can't seem to get all of the sediment out of the pipes in the house. All of my water fixtures and appliances are getting clogged at the screens / filters. I have cleaned them out several times. I have tried flushing the system but can't seem to get rid of it. The master shower is the worst... probably because it gets used the most. I have to clean the sediment out of the fixtures at least once a week and have to clean out the valves about once a month. By the way, I am using a tankless water heater.

Please help... is there a way to back wash the system or apply additional pressure for flushing, or something???