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Thread: Propane line under patio slab?

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    Default Propane line under patio slab?

    I need to relocate my propane tank to make way for a patio slab and freestanding patior cover. Can I locate the plastic propane line under the slab outside the footprint of the freestanding cover?


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    Default propane

    Unless the plastic line is yellow, it is not an approved material for any gas line, much less propane. If it is yellow, you should not be able to buy any materials to relocate it. Gas lines of any kind, but especially propane, normally cannot go under concrete slabs AT ALL. But occassionally natural gas lines are permitted under specific circumstances as long as it is inserted in a properly designed sleeve to avoid gas buildup in the event of a leak.
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    Propane is heavier than air, so any leak will go to the lowest point. Not nice to have an accumulation anywhere. The slab could launch itself and you somewhere. Definately follow code on this, it is not something to guess at.
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    Default what is a plastic propane line

    is there such a thing? sounds scary


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