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Thread: Expensive repair averted

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    Default Expensive repair averted

    Hello all wow what a great form here, lots of expert advice and professional help. Thanks Terry! Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to say howdy to all and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us diyíers. Iíve been enjoying many hours of interesting and informative threads.

    Well, this short story that may help somebody in the future. Woke up recently to a luke warm shower. So, downstairs I go to inspect what happened. My darn sump pump sprung a small leak in the middle of the night the water just happen to squirt on my Bradford White electronic circuit board. So, immediately unplugged everything fixed the sump pump leak and cleaned up the mess. Next, I took the cover off the module and saw it was soaking wet. I cleaned it up with a tooth brush and distilled water. Then I used a hair dryer to dry up the circuit board and both solenoid coils. I also inspected the components in the burner area and made sure they were nice and dry. Put it all together and bada boom bada bing it worked.

    From what Iíve learned about water heaters here Iím sure glad I have a Bradford White, Itís at least 4 years old now but it works like a champ, no complaints here.

    Oh, by the way, does anybody know how much the electronic circuit boards cost for the BW's??? Thanks

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    You were probably lucky that you got it dryed out before it cycled on, or the components would have fried themselve.


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