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Thread: Converting Shed roof to gable?

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    Default Converting Shed roof to gable?

    My house has a 80 year old addition on the front and the roof is sagging.

    We're thinking of maybe replacing it with a gable roof. Some tiny trusses or rafters, not sure yet which.

    Anyone done this?

    Is my city going to require an engineer to sign off on it, or just inspection to make sure I use the correct size rafters, connectors, insulation, etc? Or do they want complete engineering inspection from foundation to roofline typically?

    Calling my city's development center tomorrow for guidance on permits, etc, but I figured I'd throw it out here to see if anyone has done something similar to see what they had to go through, suggestions, tips, etc.

    Old pic from when we bought the house, but it shows what I want to do.
    Doing it for the increased ceiling height inside and exterior aesthetics. Since it's sagging, I'll have to do SOMETHING with it anyway. It's only a 9 foot span, but 2X4s aren't appropriate for that as someone must've thought would be OK.

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