Hi all...a newbie User to the forums (although when I was remodeling my master bath I LURKED here a lot, and learned SO much from all of you...thank you in arrears)

At any rate, I have searched here (and the web) and have been unable to find what I need (could be my poor search terms, but I don't know what else to type into the funny-named search engines)

I have replaced my powder room facuet. It is on a pedestal sink, and the faucet connectors are visible. The existing shiny brass ones are looking shiny no more and I want to replace them, but I cannot seem to find anything except braided SILVER-colored faucet connectors (1/2' to 1/2"). The existing ones are straight pipe with some "accordion-like" ribs in them for the ability to bend slightly, I guess. I would reuse them, and try to polish them, but the new facuet's connectors end up like an 1/8" too short and the pressure connection leaks

Does anyone know where I might be able to get brass-colored ones to match the faucet, plate covers, flush handle, etc? It obviously doesn't need to be an exact color match, of course, but the silver looks so out of place.

Probably a stupid question on my part, but I thought I might throw myself on the mercy of the fellow DIYers and Pros here.

Your help is greatly appreciated, and Happy Holdays to all!