I have gutted my 2nd floor (1 1/2 story) to the studs with ceiling takedown...but no plans for vaulted ceilings..just better insulation. I have had a contractor confirm that my demo was very good....(all DIY, no permits.)

I would like opinoins on the order of tasks.
I am attacking it this way:

1) Plumbing (adding a bathroom directly above the one on 1st fl.)
2) Wiring & fixture install.
3) Insulation
4) Sheetrock & Tiling
6) Finish plumbing
5) Painting
6) Flooring

I know many details are missing but are there any big picture thoughts to my order?

Also, I plan on redoing some of the 1st floor bathroom and also adding a basement bathroom directly below the 1st floor (all three will be aligned) it makes sense to me to do it all at once. Am I right? (i.e. all three bathroom jobs at once.)

Thanks in advance for any comments