Our well is at least 25 years old. After we started losing pressure on the system I called in the pump guys, and they pulled the well pipes out and found a leak which they patched. When they put everything back together the water became very dirty and cloudy, and they said not to use the well for several days. After several days the water is less dirty but still cloudy and with a reddish tint. If left in a glass it remains cloudy even after some time has elapsed.

I got one of those water test kits they sell in Home Depot and the strips showed both the Iron and Hardness off the max end of the scale. We never had visible iron in the water before.

In a glass of water I can see a lot of light colored particles and a few darker ones that sink to the bottom.

Our basic info is:

Well is 100 ft +, pipes go down about 80 ft.
Deep well jet pump in our basement.

What I would like to know is do I leave the well to settle more, or start running it to try to clear it up?