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Thread: I need help tracing water movement !!!

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    Default I need help tracing water movement !!!

    A friend from Manitoba without internet asked me to post this question. The water table is near the surface. Here is his question...

    Could anyone advise on how to trace water movement underground. I would like to know if the water in my well is the same water that is coming into the basement. The well has a static level within a few feet of the basement floor level and is only 20 feet away. The water flow has been increasing over the last 10 years and the sump pump is getting pretty busy. Is there a product that I can put into the well (potable) that might show up in the sump. Thanks
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    I wouldn't be putting dye of any kind down a well. You might try using a transit to measure the static level in the well and then the level of the basement floor.

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    If it hasn't rained lately and you don't have a water or sewer line break, then the sump pump shouldn't be running unless the water table is up high enough to cause it to run.
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