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Thread: how to remove a very short nipple for tub spout

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    Default how to remove a very short nipple for tub spout

    I'm new here-
    We have determined there is a slow leak where the tub spout nipple attaches to the galvanized elbow behind the wall. That junction hopefully just needs new teflon tape and dope, etc, or a new nipple. So we'd like to get it out. Unfortunately it's a very short nipple, with just the threads protruding from the tiled wall. A two inch or so long brass piece attaches to this short nipple, the brass piece has an o-ring that seals the tub spout (Delta product from about 10 years ago).
    We could change the kind of tub spout to one with a more standard 5-6" nipple, but we still need to remove the short nipple first...

    How do we loosen such a short nipple? I tried the vise grips and just stripped the threads closest to the wall (there are still plenty of threads left to attach the brass bit)

    I read about an internal pipe wrench. What do they look like? Would home centers carry them?

    I don't want to take the wall apart if at all possible.

    Thanks for your help!
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