I have read a couple of threads I found through the search function and am still not clear on the requirements. Any clarification would be appreciated.

I propose to install a couple of recessed light cans directly in the shower, in addition to a vent fan. The clarification I am looking for is:

1. Do I understand correctly that the recessed cans can be run on the same lighting circuit as the recessed cans in the main part of the bathroom? This is a small bathroom with 4 cans total, 2 main, 2 shower. That circuit will most likely also run two sconces R&L of the mirror.

Is this ok or do I need to gfci the recessed cans over the shower.

2. Am I correct in understanding that the fixture needs a “damp rating” combined with the shower trim to be appropriate, or do I just need a shower trim?

3. I am planning a separate 20 amp circuit to the fan. Run from panel to gfci receptacle, then timer switch, then fan. Is this correct.

Thanks in advance for any help