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The big problem with filtration is that everyone in the business has their own opinions as to what works well and what does not. Most times the opinion is based on experiance with different products and or methods. It seem that quite often a topic will come up here with different professionals having different methods or opinions and sooner or later it turns into an argument.
Now everybody just chill out and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS
I don't see it as a problem that individuals have differing opinions. I do see it as a problem when individuals assert opinions as facts.

There is often more than one way to deal with a water treatment problem. The discussion in this thread makes that point quite clear. Even when the chosen treatment method is chlorination there is more than one way to chlorinate. Gary Slusser is a strong proponent of inline pellet erosion feeders to chlorinate. While I have posted information that, in my view, undercuts two of the advantages that Gary cites for pellet systems I agree with him that they work and that they have some advantages over solution feeders.

I believe that solution feeders also have some advantages over pellet systems and on balance are preferable. However that is my opinion--it is not a fact any more than Gary's belief that pellet systems are preferable is a fact.