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Thread: toilet advice

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    Default toilet advice

    Sorry to bring up the nitty gritty, but Its my first trip to india - just not sure what to expect when it comes to doing your business!
    Are most of the toilets (like turkish ones) squat-down holes in the floor?
    How do you clean your... well... you know?
    Is there paper or water? if so how do you dry? How do you apply the water?
    What are toilets like on trains?
    Any tips or advice welcome!
    OK, we all want to know what time of day to get the best shot of the Taj, but I feel this a more pressing priority!

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    Most places will be squat type toilets.
    Some places will have western toilets but they are mostly pay toilets and some western toilets will not have a toilet seat and you would squat on top of those as well.

    Some squat toilets will have a spray wand to clean, others a wash cup and water spigot, use cup and forcefully throw at your bottom or pour into your hand and clean.
    Most will not have toilet paper and if they do they don't want you to flush down after using as it will clog the toilet you usually put in a trash can.

    If your right handed you clean with your left and eat with your right, this is the standard in most countries.

    Some will have running water, if not you are asked to use the bucket to wash down after use.

    Then wash your hand.

    I found this on a web site and is pretty good.

    How to use the Indian toilet for the first time foreigner in India
    If you can't slide you pants to the knees and sit, then take your pants off and hang it on a clip or the hook most usually found on the back of the door.

    Remember it can be slippery and mishaps do happen.

    Crouch down and sit down in a squatting position (if you feel uneasy, try to remember the health benefits of squatting)

    Squat to your hearts content.

    After doing it open the tap and fill the bucket with water. Take a jug usually located nearby and fill it with water.

    Clean your back-side with your left palm by pouring water in it and then rubbing gently where the sun doesnt shine. For the left handed foreigner use the right hand. Most Indian type squats contain a flush usually hooked to the wall so get up and pull the chain or the lever with the clean hand.

    The most important step. Walk to the basin and wash your hands with soap or any detergent you can find. In most cases it's usually a soap called "lifebuoy" made by a British company called Unilever. Most Indians use this soap for cleaning their hands after pooing. It's supposed to be great in getting rid of germs and bacteria.

    Once the hand is washed a minimum of 2 to 3 times, the hand is clean and you can take your pants off the hook and put it on.

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    As I recall, even western toilets in India (lower cost hotels anyway) would barely flush toilet paper. I would take my own toilet paper on a trip to India. You can find packets of kleenex aka tissues, and carry them in a purse or pocket. I also carry a travel size of antibacterial handwipes to use for both tp and to "wash hands."

    There are lots of advice sites if you google India toilet or similar. Good luck!


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