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My system has many circulators and it was tough to tell when a pump was running. They make a slight humm. I was told to take a screwdriver and touch it to the pump and my ear and the sound would be much louder.

Now that just tells you the motor is running, doesn't necesarrily mean it's working!
You can usually tell the difference from a motor that's not working and one that is. Not to mention a circ pump that is not working will be VERY hot to the touch (IE hotter then the water in the system). Unless of course it's an older style oiled circulator. But seeing how it's new I doubt it.

It's possible the impeller is clogged up with sediment from within the piping system. You might be best to pull the pump once again and check the impeller if you think your pump is acting up. If the impeller looks fine then turn the pump on so you can make sure the impeller is spinning.