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Thread: cracked Crane water closet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunbar Plumbing View Post
    Most likely culprit:

    Shrinkage cracks

    Started the day the porcelain was cooled down

    See them all the time
    Quite reasonable...and also the reason the homeowner warranty should have to eat it. Unless they exclude this sort of failure specifically (making the whole warranty completely useless and a waste of money...in which case the homeowner is entiltled to a complete refund...enough to buy more than two Toto Drakes in my home), they are on the hook for this unpredictable failure.

    If a customer of mine came back 15 years later about a toilet cracking I'd tell him to go buy a lottery ticket, quick.
    But you didn't warrant it...the home warranty company did...thinking they could make a risk free buck. Time for them to pay up on a gamble they lost.

    It's called the "Reasonable Man Theory" and it seems some people don't want to adhere to such standards of reasonable thinking.
    We call 'em Welchers and the standard remedy is to cut off a hand for the first offense...worse for the second Accountability is a bitch.

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    Default crack

    You must have had an apprentice plumber, not one who has been in the business more than a couple of years. I wish I had $10.00 for every one that has cracked spontaneously. The worst feeling is to be walking down the hallway, hear a "click", and have water pouring out of the bathroom. I have changed more toilets that selfdestructed, than those that were "damaged" by the user. Call them and tell them you want a "second opinion" by an experienced plumber, and they can call me if they want a expert opinion that it could, and probably did, happen.

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    Unhappy Another Crane Toilet Cracked!

    Interesting follow-up.

    A woman at my workplace just had a toilet spontaneously crack open while everyone was out of the house few days ago. The toilet turned out to be a Crane. Apparently the insurance guy before even walking into the house said...'let me guess..it's a Crane..' The insurance guy according to her also indicated that they are seeing a lot of Cranes of that era crack spontaneously. Her house built around the same time as mine approx. 20 years or so. Mega- Mega-bucks in damage.

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    When you fire any ceramic, there are some very specific guidelines you must follow about the speed of the temperature changes and the duration of the firing, or you will induce stress in the casting. You can't rush these things or break the rules! Sounds like they had a QC problem.
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    Kinda off topic, but some Home Warranties don't cover flooding, or only "certain" kinds. Found that out once

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