Last week the tank on the guest bathroom toilet just spontaneously cracked. By the time I discovered it, water had spread through the slab to the wood floors in adjoining rooms. Oddly enough, an antique clock which had not run in years began to tick and chime at the same time.

The home warranty company refused to honor my claim. The plumber said that toilet tanks do not crack under normal wear and tear and that it had to crack under physical force.

I live alone and no one had been in that bathroom. I did not hit the toilet or stand on it. In fact, I did not touch it.

Has anyone heard of a water closet just developing a crack out of the blue? I'd appreciate an answer so I can at least try to get my $60 back from the home warranty company.

Toilet: Crane 123-CR-PLH, 3-652, 1.6, Aug 1, 1995

Thank you