I bought a system (Fleck 9100 Twin Tank Water Softener - 24000 grain - you can see a sample pic of exactly the same system as what I have here >> http://www.puritecwatersofteners.com...p?idproduct=12 ) from a guy named Art who works for local distributor (www.watercheck.net) here in edgewater MD. He tested my well water and recommended this system. It has been 4 months now and its starting to occasionally spew out red-orange rusty water. At other times, the water is as clean and clear as can be. He initially set it to recharge every 800 gallons. When it started doing this, I backed it down to 700 gallons for good measure. It is going through about a bag of salt every two weeks. I have the brine tank topped off with standard yellow bag solar salt you get from kmart. I did one of those home depot water tests on a day when it was running really clear water for example, and everything came back good to go. I just ruined a huge load of expensive white clothes because it decided to be rusty again today. This has got to stop. What should I do? ( I have called Art, but because i installed the system myself [thus saving 350 dollars], he said he can't help me).

Just for information, when i bought the house, all the sinks, toilets and tubs in the joint were stained red with rust, and the existing old water conditioner had this big blue plastic filter in the line that had the inner fiber filter just completely CAKED with red rust powder that feels like graphite between your fingers. Bottom line, this well pumps out alot of rust, which art knew about, and he said this system was robust enough that it should take care of even the worst rust problems.

Please help. What do I need to add to this system to take care of this rust once and for all and/or is there something I can do/have done to the well to reduce the rust it is dredging up?

Thank you!