I have a Bradford White WH manufactured January 1999. It has been in service since May 1999. Yesterday morning while showering, I had to start out with the faucet turned further than usual. During my ten minute shower, I had to keep turning it further and further hot to keep it warm enough. This has never happened before yesterday morning. Nothing else was different. No one else (or nothing else) was using water at the time. My wife experienced the same issue later in the day, and I experienced it again this morning.

After doing some research online, it seems that the likely culprit is the dip tube. The burner burns, there are no leaks. It seems that replacing the dip tube is something I can easily accomplish myself. (I think the hardest part will be draining some water out without it getting all over the floor. It's in a basement, so I can't easily run a hose from it to the outside and there are no drains lower than the spigot.)

I found a local plumbing supply store that has a dip tube. It's 6 bucks.

So my question to you all is, do I bother trying to fix this 10+ year old WH, or just bite the bullet and buy a new one?