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Thread: Adding an outlet outdoors

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    Default Adding an outlet outdoors

    On my patio we have a patio light attached to the house. Problem is we dont have outdoor outlets on the patio. I want an an outlet, is there a way to daisy chain an outlet off the patio light? I have seen you can replace the light, but I want the light and the outlet. I want the outlet to be grounded so one of those light bulb adapters wont work(at least thats what Ive read)

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Anything's possible. How it is currently wired and where you want the outlet(s) will make the determination how easy or hard it is. You must have the receptacles run off of a GFCI. You can do that with a GFCI breaker, or a receptacle. The easiest would probably be to put the new box directly below the light since you wouldn't need to cross over through any studs. Take the lamp off, see if there is one cable coming in or two. If it is one, then unless you want the outlet switched like the lamp, you'll need to run new wire. If that's the case, then the next easiest would probably be to put it below where the switch is.
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    Remove the light fixture and see how many wires are in the jbox. If only 2 wires, the new recep will only be hot when the light is on.

    Is the light on the ceiling or the wall?

    Is the switch on that same wall?

    Are there any receptacles on that wall (inside)?

    1) Find power source (switch box, recep box or light box)

    2) Determine a path between source and new recep location.

    3) Install proper cable beteen source and recep.

    4) install recep and terminate wiring at source.

    2A) Turn off power

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    Default outlet

    There could be many ways to add an outlet on the patio, but daisychaining from the light might not be one of the best ways, depending on where its switch is and how it is wired.

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    Wherever you find power to provide voltage to the new receptacle, please make sure it is GFCI protected.
    My answers are based mostly on the ICC codes. Advice given is my personal opinion and every person performing work should acquire a permit from his/her jurisdiction and get the work inspected. My opinions are not directions to follow for DIYs or professionals


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