New guy on the board. I hope this is not an ignorant question but I have searched the posts and come up empty.

I am looking for parts to rebuild two WS-1s. Specifically the outboard o-rings on the stack, a few spring clips and a cap for the brine line. Having called a few vendors I can only source the entire stack w/ local installation and no luck on the other parts. Is there an internet source for these parts? Alternatively, is there anything special about these o-rings or can they be sourced from an industrial supplier?

If your interested the story:

I have two Clack WS-1 valves fitted to 12x52 tanks that the previous owner abandoned in the basement. I took them apart and they look pretty good.

On the first, configured as a backwashing filter, the stack looks good but one oring is nicked and should be replaced.

On the second, configured as a regenerating softener, the valve ways and stack are pretty dirty put look good overall. The inboard rings (white) look new. The outboard rings look horrible, flattened and discolored. Almost looks like red mud solution was run through the valve. Injectors look brand new as does the plunger.