Six of my outlets suddenly stopped working along with a ceiling light. I checked the circuit breakers; shut them all off and turned them all on and all of them were fine. I took the panel door off and checked them all with a multi meter and all checked out 120 volts. I took each plug out of the wall and wiggled it to see if any cables were loose. In desperation I checked each hot wire and neutral for continuity by attaching an alligator clip to one of the dead outlets and working my way around the room first checking the hot then switching the alligator clip to the neutral. Thinking that if a cable were broken that I wouldnít have continuity but I did. Iím not sure if that test even makes sense. I even tried a circuit breaker tracer but it wouldnít work because each plug was dead. If I knew which breaker controlled the circuit I could shut it down and see what else went off. I'm guessing that there is a loose connection at the beginning of the circuit but I donít know where this is. I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.