My motorized dampers are not opening and closing at all. My Honeywell thermostat is turning the furnace and fan on fine but my dampers (which are motorized) are not opening and closing automatically.

I have 2 floors and 2 thermostats. I have a red wire (and jumper), a yellow wire, a white wire and a green wire connected to my thermostat. There is also a blue wire but it isn't connected to the thermostat.

This is very frustrating because I cannot control the temperature consistently.

Can someone tell me how to test the motorized dampers?

Do I need to connect the blue wire to the thermostats?

On the system panel in the attic, I can see each zone1 and zone2 and it's wires connecting to the panel and the wires going to the motorized dampers.

I would really really really appreciate any suggestions. I would LOVE to avoid a $200 service call if someone could help me out!!