Hi !!

I am new to these forums..
I have been doing remodeling and renovation house for a few years now.. unfortunately my main weakness is plumbing.

I am replacing an old shower / bathroom in my basement.
The old bathroom was removed by the previous owner and he LOST the house before he could complete the renovation.

Anywhoo... my question is....

I am replacing the bathroom that he removed.. the drains are 4" I.D. holes in the basement floor are clear and work properly..

I need to install the new shower stall.. the stall lines up perfectly to the drain BUT... what exactly should i do to tie in the new style shower drain to the old 4" I.D. floor/shower drain that was used for the shower previously.

the NEW shower has the standard PVC drain with the big hex nut on it..

The hole in the floor for the drain is 4" in diameter.

What do i need to make sure I am doing this correctly.

I do not want water pouring out from under the stall

There is no 2" pvc pipe extending up out of the floor like new construction.

This house was built in 1947 and the drains were installed at that time when the basement floor was poured.

the drains are in excellent condition and flow perfectly.. I want to tie in my NEW shower drain into the exisiting 4" Inside diameter floor drain.

I do not want to tear up the floor and replace drains that do not need replaced.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks !!!