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When a 1/2" snake encounters a heavy root mass, it WILL tangle, either in the pipe or around your arm or hand. IF you go through the toilet, be prepared to pay extra for the rental, because it could take you two hours just to get the snake to turn downward at the fitting under the wall. USUALLY it will decide to turn upward and after you put about 15' of snake into the pipe go outside and see if it is sticking out of the roof and banging around on your shingles.
Haha.. gotta big kick outta that..

Not to add fuel to the fire,, but I'm a DIY'er and I have a little plumbing experience with drain cleaning experience.. I purchased a 1/2" cable auger years ago and have had good luck cleaning the tree root-ed drains out yearly.

I've had the cable wrap around my arm before and pull out several hairs as well as leave bloody "pinch" marks for about a week.. It doesn't feel good at all.. I am very fortunate that's all I've ever gotten...

My "adolescent" advice is to leave this to the pro's.. I can't imagine what a 3/4" would do to a person..