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Thread: Just discovered dent in new water heater &^%$#

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    Unhappy Just discovered dent in new water heater &^%$#

    This whole experience has been a nightmare.....look at these pics...do I have a gripe with Sears? Should I demand that they replace it? If so this would be my third water heater from them this month. There is also a crease a bit higher up....at the bottom of the blue band it is bent down slightly too...wtf

    I am so depressed on how my life has been a living hell just because I wanted to replace a water heater...

    Cosmetic or more than that? Should I complain to Sears and see if I can get some $$ knocked off? Or demand a new tank which will put me out of work for another day and probably get me fired

    I have another installer coming tomorrow to install the 4 inch flue pipe and take out the 3 inch....I demanded to Sears that I did not want the original installer back ever again...should I point this out to the new plumber and think he will give an honest assessment?

    I am so down

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